•  Visible Light Communication (VLC) is technology of the future. Develop VLC enabled solutions faster with RDL's Reliable, Plug and Play Starter kit. VLC finds applications in consumer, wearable, industrial, medical and Internet of Things (IoT) market  

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Industry IoT 4.0

  •  RDL IoT product series defines a new way of transforming factories into  intelligent  factories with minimum investment. Aiming to better serve customers through greater flexibility of production and visibility of resources utilized . Improve business performance by supporting all-round optimization .

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  •  RDL's UHF RFID system is in-house developed customizable solution.Easily integratable with existing ERP systems and making them Intelligent, reduced dependency on human workforce. Our solution aims at improving inventory control and management to help achieve high operation efficiency and ROI .

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Industrial Data Logger IIoT 4.0

 RDL data logger is a comprhensive real time industrial automation tool. The product is designed to seamlessly integrate with the IoT and Analytical processing systems. Supporting mutiple I/O options, interfaces data logger is a perfect fit to build custom automation solutions.  The state of art design incorporates carefully selected devices with minimum power requirements, stable operation in industrial environnment and upto date feature set. The product architecture incorporates functionaly partitioned across mutiple controllers  to ensure minimum down-time and interruptions on the production lines. 

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Automated Machine Fault Alerting System

 Achieve higher productivity and utilization with Industry 4.0 features of Automated Machine Fault Altering system. Enabled with Preventive Analytics using Machine Learning reduces downtime and improves efficiency. Supports Industry Standard Interfaces sensors and interfaces, protocols. Alerts variety of devices and customizable dashboards 

Predictive Condition Monitoring System

 Deep Analytics based system, provide insight into prevailing conditions on the Production Floor. Ingests and process data from multiple sensors to deliver actionable intelligent reports. Enable management of large work force with minimal Technical expertise.


PCB Design Service

  • High Quality Printed circuit board (PCB) layout and design services is one of the major area where we help our customers through our expert engineering team to offer the best service at competitive prices.

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H/W & S/W Design Service

  • RDL has its own well-defined 45-days fast and quality life cycle for catering to the specific customization needs for  design services in : Embedded System Design,  IOT, and Automotive domains.

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OEM ODM Services

  •  ODM (Original Designed Manufacturer) services showcasing our unique ability to provide  the much needed support for customers starting from their abstract requirements to full-fledged realization of products. 

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HMI Design Service

  •   Having rich expertise in  working on industrial automation & control systems  to provide effective and appealing process visualization much needed for  timely & accurate control decisions enabling efficient running of  factories and assembly lines. 

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Enclosure Design Service

  •  RDL continuously strives to meet the  specific customization services for industrial product enclosure designs while  meeting the product needs along with relevant mechanical design, prototyping, and documentation. 

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EMS Service

  •  With established track record of providing superior quality in EMS services,  RDL with its skilled team of engineers aided by state-of-the-art machinery, can cater to the needs ranging from quick prototyping to productions for large customer base.  

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