R-LiFi Nano v2 is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play evaluation platform for a wide array of visible light communication applications in consumer, wearables, industrial, medical and Internet of Things (IoT) markets.LiFi Nano consists of two modules, LiFi transmit module connected to the lighting LED and LiFi receive module connected to the host communicating system 


  •  Supports baud rates up to  38400 to 115200 .
  •  Support  serial communication 
  •  Supported  distance from the ceiling 6 to 15 feet max. 
  •  Plug-and-Play with simple configuration.
  •  Ceiling / wall mounting  LED light can be used for the communication.

Design Your R-LiFi IoT Platform

Chipset & Modem

 Integrate LiFi connectivity with our plug and play modem with simple configuration 


Build your customized solutions or services using our SDK / API


 Designing, prototyping, or manufacturing a customized solution as per customer specifications .

R-LiFi IoT Architecture

360° Communication

Ideal Solution For Data Communication In All Environment.


NO RF Wave For Communication

Secure Communication

Accurate Indoor Navigation


Visible Light Indoor Navigation

 Indoor positioning technology can also be used to provide Location-Based Services  and advertisements to users .

Blind Navigation System

 VL Glass  that helps visually impaired people navigate their surroundings and do more with greater freedom, independence and confidence. 


 Location-Based  Customized  advertisements to consumers is more efficient way to increase the conversion.

Visible Light Industry IoT 4.0

 Leverage Condition Based Maintenance to monitor critical machine using visible Light communication.

Under Water Communication

Visible light can be  adapted for under water deep sea communication.


Visible Light Guided  Driver-less vehicle, smaller and more frequent loads are a critical part in the reduction of the cost of transport.


 Li-Phone invention is a commitment to the civic society from the technology leaders – RDL Technologies. To develop a technology which is very much concerned about public health, especially the next gen, is the strong underlining motto of the research team at RDL technologies. Li-phone breathes new life in to the communication world to develop “Internet Toxic free” world, where people can live stress free lives .



VL Glass  that helps visually impaired people navigate their surroundings and do more with greater freedom, independence and confidence.

This versatile personal mobility assistant can helping to give all of humankind the freedom to move and continue to make people's lives easier. 

 VL Glass enabled with R-LiFi technology to get navigation information though visible light in indoor environment and it guides visually impaired person through speech and vibration technique 


Visible Light  Integration with IoT