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WiFi Dimmer SSR 230V 8A-ESP8266

WiFi Dimmer SSR 230V 8A-ESP8266

The WiFi SSR switch  ON / OFF and Dimming can be controlled from remotely using android app or supporting wifi enabled devices .This switch can be used control light , FAN, power socket ,  Triac dimming enabled LED's and any other remote  ON / OFF  or dimming application.



  • On/Off  and dimming control.
  • Snubber circuit enable.
  • Accurate firing angle control and smooth dimming.
  • Operating Voltage 5V DC.
  • Isolated power section from the input.
  • 0-100% dimming.
  • WiFi Enabled.
  • Inbuilt Power supply.
  • Typical Power handling upto 1800Watts.
  • Maximum power handling 2760Watts *.
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.
* By changing the 12A withstanding screw connector at your end

ESP8266 ESP-07 Features:

  •     SDIO 2.0, SPI, UART
  •     32-pin QFN package
  •     Integrated RF switch, balun, 24dBm PA, DCXO, and PMU
  •     Integrated RISC processor, on-chip memory and external memory interfaces
  •     Integrated MAC/baseband processors
  •     Quality of Service management
  •     I2S interface for high fidelity audio applications
  •     On-chip low-dropout linear regulators for all internal supplies
  •     Proprietary spurious-free clock generation architecture
  •     Integrated WEP, TKIP, AES, and WAPI engines.

ESP8266 ESP-07 Specifications:

  •     802.11 b/g/n
  •     Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), soft-AP
  •     Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack
  •     Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network
  •     Integrated PLLs, regulators, DCXO and power management units
  •     +19.5dBm output power in 802.11b mode
  •     Power down leakage current of <10uA
  •     Integrated low power 32-bit CPU could be used as application processor
  •     SDIO 1.1/2.0, SPI, UART
  •     STBC, 1×1 MIMO, 2×1 MIMO
  •     A-MPDU & A-MSDU aggregation & 0.4ms guard interval
  •     Wake up and transmit packets in < 2ms
  •     Standby power consumption of < 1.0mW (DTIM3).
BTA12 Triac Features:
  • Blocking Voltage to 800 V
  • On-State Current Rating of 12 A RMS at 25°C
  • Uniform Gate Trigger Currents in Three Quadrants
  • High Immunity to dV/dt − 1500 V/s minimum at 125°C
  • Minimizes Snubber Networks for Protection
  • Industry Standard TO-220AB Package
  • High Commutating dI/dt − 1.5 A/ms minimum at 125°C
  • Internally Isolated (2500 VRMS)
  • These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant*

AC-DC Isolated Power Supply Module:

  • Ultra thin,ultra small.
  • All voltage input (AC:90~264V).
  • Low ripple and low noise.
  • Output overload and short circuit protection.
  • High efficiency, high power density.
  • The product is designed to meet the requirements of EMC and safety test.
  • Low power consumption,environmental protection, no load loss>0.1W.
  • Dimension: 34X20mm.

 Screen Shots:



Direct Aceess:

Access through Router:

Application Diagram:

Sample SDK Screenshot:

Below given sample SDK will be given along with the product.

 NOTE: If you want to update your own firmware, you have to buy the below module

  • https://researchdesignlab.com/xbee-usb-adapter-with-ft232rl.html

Package Contains :

  • WiFi-SSR 230V/8A Dimmer


  • Datasheet           (BTA12 TRIAC)
  • SDK                      (WiFi Dimmer)
  • APK                      (Android Playstore)
  • Circuit Diagram (WiFi-SSR 230V/8A Dimmer)
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