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Voice Playback and Recorder Kit

Voice Playback and Recorder Kit

It provides high quality recording and playback with 11 minutes audio at 8 Khz Sampling rate with 16 bit resolution. The aPR33A series C2.x is specially designed for simple key trigger, user can record and playback the message averagely for 1, 2, 4 or 8 voice message(s) by switch, It is suitable in simple interface or need to limit the length of single message.

Order Code : RDL/APR/13/001/V1.0


  • Operating Voltage :5V.
  • Single Chip, High Quality Audio/Voice Recording & Playback Solution.
  • User Friendly, Easy to Use Operation. 
  • 680 sec. Voice Recording Length in aPR33A3.
  • Nonvolatile Flash Memory Technology.
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.
Recording Procedures:
  • Avoid connecting smps or any ac to dc conversion voltage source.
  • Use 5V battery while recording.
  • Avoid blank space in wave file .
  • Its always better to record from PC or mobile  speaker out jack terminal. 
  • Recording volume level should moderate. 
  • Use audio equalizer from PC or mobile to fine tune as per your desired output. 
  • Always Use the shielded cable for recording.



 Package Contains :

  • Voice Playback and Recorder Kit .
1,254.00 954.00