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Serial Ultrasonic Distance Measure Sensor

Serial Ultrasonic Distance Measure Sensor

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor comes with an ASCII serial O/P and provided optimum ranging & detection of long to short distance ranges. Owing to their stable, precise, non-contact and accurate distance measurements from about 2 cm to 4 meters.Compactly designed, easy usable, high ranging and easily interfaced upon micro controllers RX and TX pin.


  • Range: 2 cm to 4 m
  • Accurate and Stable range data
  • Modulation at 40 KHz
  • 5V DC Supply voltage
  • ASCII output format
  • Compact sized SMD design
  • Serial data of 9600 bps TTL level output for easy interface with any microcontroller.
  • Minimum distance level can be set.
  • DO small plate digital output interface (0 and 1).
  • Serial output.(Rx,Tx,Gnd).
  • VAT Bill

Package Contains :

  • Ultrasonic Distance Measure Sensor.

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