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RFID Shield

RFID Shield

This is a low frequency (125Khz) RFID Reader With serial Output with range 0-10cms. The RFID Reader  is designed specifically for low-frequency (125 kHz) passive tags.Frequency refers to the size of the radio waves used to communicate between the RFID system components.

Order Code :RDL/RFS/15/001/V1.0


  • Low-cost method for reading passive RFID tags.
  • Built in Antenna
  • On-Board Power LED
  • Current Requirement <120mA
  • Detecting Range 0-10cms.
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified. 

Package Contains:

  • RFID Shield+2 RFID Cards
1,425.00 1,091.00