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One of the basic interfacing requirements for the hobbyists or electronics enthusiasts is I/P (keypad) and O/P (LCD display)  for proyotype applications. This shield uses minimum number I/O’s that is 4 bits for LCD data and 2 control signal lines for the same. A single analog pin (Pin A0) is multiplexed to read 5 input key switches (Navigation keys). Each key has been pulled up to a different voltage level, so a different voltage will be generated every time a user selects a key. This voltage could be read by the analog pin A0 on the board. Hence saves the no of I/O pins.  The backlight of the LCD could be controlled by setting PWM (Pin D10) by adding a few lines of code.

Order Code : RDL/RLSS/14/001/V1.0


  • 16X2 Blue color back light LCD.
  • A single Analog pin is multiplexed to read 5 input Keys.
  • Optional PWM based Back light control.
  • Stackable on UNO shield
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified. 
I/O Connections:


 Package Contains : 
  • LCD KEYPAD Shield.
Note : The aurdino showed in the above picture does not include in the package.


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