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8 Relay Interfacing Board 12V

8 Relay Interfacing Board 12V

The board has eight relays driven by ULN2803 IC. The board works on 12V but the input signal can come directly from microcontroller output working at 5V to control relays. Each relay can switch variety of AC or DC high voltage, high current loads working at 110V or 220V AC mains like lights, fans, motors and such. The status of relay is indicated by individual LED's.


  • LED indication for relay & power supply. 
  • Design based on highly proven IC ULN2803 as driver. 
  • Direct input 5V microcontroller for relay control.
  • High Current (8A) Capability.
  • AC or DC Operating Voltages.
  • No Leakage Current.
  • Input Pin connected to Burg stick
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.

Package Contains :

  • 8 Relay Interfacing Board 12V.
785.00 571.00