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4x4 Matrix Keypad

4x4 Matrix Keypad

A 4x4 matrix keypad requiring eight Input/Output ports for interfacing is used as an example. Rows are connected to Peripheral Input/Output (PIO) pins configured as output. Columns are connected to PIO pins configured as input with interrupts. In this configuration, four pull-up resistors must be added in order to apply a high level on the corresponding input pins.

Note: The color of the PCB may vary. However the circuit/pinout of the PCB will remain same.

Order Code : RDL/4X4KP/13/001/V2.0


  • Contact debouncing.
  • Easy to interface. Board features 16 push buttons arranged as 4x4 matrix.
  • Data Valid output signal for interrupt activation.
  • Interfaces to any microcontroller or microprocessor.
  • Cost effective for OEM applications.
  • Key lifetime: 1 x 109million operations.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.

 Package Contains :

  • 4x4 Matrix Keypad 
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