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4 Keys Keypad

4 Keys Keypad

It has 4 keys which can be connected to any microcontroller or any interfacing kit directly. KEY is a small key pad designed to data entries for microcontroller board.The board has 6-pin header for 6-wire ribbon cable. By default the switch status would be pulled up, every time you press a key the corresponding switch header changes its state to the common header in the board.

Order Code : RDL/4SW/13/001/V1.1


  • 4 keys.
  • Connect to microcontroller's pin directly.
  • 6-pin header.
  • Input pins connected to Burgstick
  • On board pull-up resistors
  • High quality PCB FR4 Grade with FPT Certified.

Package Contains :

  • 4 Keys Keypad.
Note: The color of the PCB may vary. However the circuit/pinout of the PCB will remain same.

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